Innovation Professional Placement
Welcome to Innovation Professional Placement

Our motto here at Innovation is “understand the customer.” Every business has unique goals and staffing requirements. It’s our job to help you assess those goals, understand your distinct needs, and prudently design and implement a cost effective program that works best in your business environment.

As part of our long-term strategic plan, we’ve been building partnerships with our customers for 35 years. IPP is committed to investing our resources in customers who have business philosophies compatible with our own. We’ve found this strategy to be an effective means of growth and feel that a partnership with IPP will result in both organizations being well positioned to benefit from future growth and profitability. IPP has the resources to provide our clients with a quality work force. In turn, this workforce becomes our clients’ key, strategic, competitive asset. The association between our customer and IPP will further strengthen the positions of two world-class organizations.

The reasons for our success are many, but paramount among them is our commitment to one key business strategy: provide excellent service… not only to our clients and employees, but also to the industries and communities we serve as a whole.

IPP welcomes the opportunity to explore and develop quality and cost effective methods of solving problems.