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What We Offer

Long-Term Employment

IPP has 30 plus year relationships with Fortune 500 companies throughout the U.S. These relationships give our contract employees the assurance that IPP will have opportunities for “to-follow” contract assignments or permanent work at other IPP customers. Continued employment entitles our contract employees to accrue 401K and V&H benefits accordingly.


Our IPP Employee Benefit Package is the foundation of our Retention Program, which encourages loyalty and commitment from our workers. The program attracts and retains motivated employees who in turn will be responsible and productive for our clients.

We’ve found that when an employee has a goal to work toward and knows that it’s attainable, the end result is a hardworking, dedicated employee who has the same concerns for quality and productivity as a permanent employee. IPP’s benefit program has proven to be effective in minimizing turnover in ongoing assignments and we are constantly increasing the scope and offerings of this innovative package.

The IPP Employee Benefit package is one of the keys to our having a reputation as an industry leader.

Competitive Salaries

IPP is committed to providing our employees competitive compensation while providing our clients a value-driven service. All IPP employees are paid weekly and our highly automated payroll system ensures accuracy and timeliness, thereby alleviating a common source of employee dissatisfaction.

To ensure employees are appropriately compensated for their skills, background, and experience, IPP is constantly monitoring and researching local and national trends in salaries for all classifications of positions we provide to our client companies. Affiliations with various local and national associations (IEEE, NATS, etc.) are utilized to develop our ongoing knowledge of salary trends.

Referral Bonuses

Every IPP employee is eligible for a referral bonus when a candidate they refer works 160 hours as an IPP employee. The amount of the bonus is determined by job classification and expected assignment duration.

Evaluations / Merit Increases

IPP has long recognized the importance of providing feedback and recognition to our employees. This is achieved in part by our program of providing quarterly reviews, merit increases and annual cost of living adjustments as approved by our customers.

Drug Free Employer

Above all, the safety of IPP employees, our client’s employees, and our client’s customers is what comes first. IPP conducts pre-employment, random, and post-accident drug screenings on its employees.

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